Christmas is a comin’: A selection of awesome stuff from Athlete Service!

Stocking Fillers – under £35 Stealth Protein Gels - £2.50 -Packed with 20g protein per serving, these are a great way of kick starting your post workout recovery or for keeping you topped up as you train. And with a great all-natural berry flavour too, it’ll give your tastebuds a break from leftover turkey! Assos Pocket Penknife - £31.99 - Swiss brand meets swiss army in [...]

A morning of the Haute Route and training with power

This weekend, Jim, the newest member of the Athlete Service team, organised a rideout and seminar requested by locals Thames Valley Tri. The event covered the whats, whys and hows of the Haute Route stage race, and the use of power meters for training and racing. Despite a cold and murky morning, we had a great turnout of around 20 TVT club members and a handful of extra [...]

Training With Power

Join us for our next power ride on Saturday, October 15 at 8.30am for a swift but social two hour spin with guests from Infocrank and Haute Route, followed by a seminar discussing how training with power will allow you to achieve your goals as a rider and excel in the Haute Route. Contact the shop for further information. Knowledge is power they say, and in August we had [...]

Sunset swimming in the Thames

Peter Harrison and Adam Brittain are both training for IronMan Wales 2016. Pete has successfully completed IM Wales on three occasions whilst Adam, who finished 2nd in his age group at IM Staffs 70.3, is aiming to complete his first full full distance triathlon. Athlete Service provide swim training, wetsuits and sports rehabilitation in Henley-on-Thames so why not pop in and talk about how we can move your swimming [...]

The THÉO Rideout

The THRÉO Ride Out This weekend we were lucky enough to host a ride out with women's premium triathlon brand THRÉO. A group of 14 headed into the Chilterns from Henley in perfect weather for 65km of social riding with 650m of elevation. We ended the ride with coffee, cake and THRÉO goodie bags at Café KOM back at Athlete Service. THRÉO is a relatively new triathlon brand run [...]


Why you should put your purist tendencies to one side and try an ebike What’s all the fuss about ebikes? Apart from feeling like you’re flying on two wheels of course. Going on an ebike for the first time is like that excitement you felt when you first learned to ride – that ultimate sense of liberation. Most of us learnt to ride when you were still allowed to [...]

Nutrition: What should I consume during my ride for best performance?

We stock a great range of nutrition in the shop from electrolytes, to gels, to bars and of course our famous Mrs Mins cakes! Here’s a quick run down of what’s good and when - during and after your ride. On a shorter ride of under 1.5 hours, or a longer, low intensity outing, your main enemies are cramp and dehydration, so keep your fluids up with an electrolyte [...]

Riding on gas – how to use a CO2 cartridge

How to use a CO2 cartridge Punctures – every newbie cyclist’s worst nightmare! But it doesn’t have to be a drama if you’re equipped and ready to repair roadside. It is possible to pump a tyre using a hand pump. A really good one will get your wheels up to 110psi, whereas a cheaper plastic one will only reach 80psi, at a push. But there are other affordable [...]